Saturday, May 29, 2010

What a LOVEly experience

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at the Utah Special Olympics! I have been wanting to do this for a while now, but always seem to miss the date...So I was super excited!!!!

It was such an amazing experience!!!!! I LOVED every minute of it!!!!!!!

There is something special about seeing these great authletes put all their heart and effort into the sports. I got to cheer on the softball teams :) First it made me reminisce my softball days :) and Second it was such joy to see them play! they were funny, talented, happy, and team players. One of my favorite moments was when the teams were shaking hands, the opposing team gave hugs to the player that got injured during the game :) so sweet and such great sportsmanship!

I couldn't stop smiling today :) :) :)

ps...I wish I took some pictures today for you to see! but then again, they wouldn't be able to capture the spirit of the day...

I cant wait till next year's olympics!


The Skousens said...

What a great experience...I'm glad that you finally got to do it!!!

Lauren said...

My mom is a special ed teacher and we've been dying to volunteer.

One of these days we'll actually get around to it.