Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TV is a great waste of time...

I LOVE the new tv show....Privileged!!!!!!!!
I dont know why, but I just love it! I love the main character (Megan)! She is so witty and cute! And then there is the whole living the luxurious life, but not really being in it (if that makes sense) :] I just like it :] And I like Will too (even though he may be bad news) and Charlie is adorable! Im excited to watch it tonight!!!

I am also in LOVE with Grey's Anatomy!!! I was soooo excited for the season primere last Thursday! Can they make the primere any more intense and DRAMA filled?!?!?! I can't wait for this Thursday!

Job Update

So I finally got a job a few weeks ago. I am now a secretary/office manager at Walton Electric Corporation (its a electrical contractor for multi level living and retail buildings). Its been pretty good so far. This whole job hunt has made me realize that you can practically only get jobs if you have an "in" and know someone! I know the owners of this company, so thats how I got it!

While at this job, I hope to get all my California Credentialing in order, so I can teach next school year :] I really miss being in the classroom!