Tuesday, May 11, 2010


"What you DO speaks so loud, I can't hear what you say" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I saw Will-I-Am on Oprah, pay for two families houses (who were about to lose them). With his own money, straight from his pocket. He said he was driving one day and figured "I want to make a difference. why not? just do it!" I think what he DID was wonderful. He got me thinking about some LDS General Conference (April 2010) talks I read recently [http://lds.org/library/display/0,4945,2043-1-5176-1,00.html]...which lead to some scripture study and quote finding.....

James 1:22 "be ye doers of the word and not hearers only..."

I think it is sometimes easier to say we will do something, or to feel a certain way, or want to make a difference. But how often do we DO what we say or feel? I know that especially after a great church lesson, or after giving service, or whatever it may be, you feel energized and ready to make a difference in your own life or the lives of others. But I know that life and human nature can get in the way....unfortunately...and we don't always act on our thoughts.

I know that what we DO shows where our hearts lay. Are we willing to be 'do-ers of the word' and serve the Lord? or are we 'hear-ers only'?

I know that if we Do what the Lord asks and follow His commandments, we will be blessed.

Joseph Smith once said "I made this my rule: when the Lord commands, DO it"

I hope I can be a better DO-er :)

Thanks Will-I-Am for getting my thoughts rolling :)

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Doney Days said...

I LOVE this post Ally! Thanks for reminding me to not just be a hear-er! Love ya!