Sunday, July 3, 2011

DC, NY, Florida, Hollywood.....Glendora

I had great intentions on heading somewhere DIFFERENT and EXCITING. Somewhere like D.C. or New York. Then I was happy with Florida! Then I figured if those weren't happening, maybe Hollywood. BUT those were obviously not meant to be! So where will I be for the next year (at least)? --the wonderful Glendora!!!!

I really do love Glendora. I think it is a great city! I love being by my family (especially Matti and Clark)! And I think CA is a fun place to be :)

I guess I was just hoping for a fun Adventure somewhere new and different for me.

So, I'm excited to start a new job nannying here in Glendora :) It should be a fun opportunity.

Maybe someday I will be able to have my east coast move, but until then you can find me in the Golden State :)


Anonymous said...

A post!!!!! I've been anxiously waiting, love it! xoxo

Ally said...

hahaha....I know Alle!!!!! I am a TERRIBLE "blogger" But hopefully I will have a more exciting life and update some more :) (plus I am horrible at spending time on the my internet sites get neglected) :)